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An example of correct pruning.

When planning on removing a tree it is important to get a local professional in to do the job. People who understand the local area and have a reputation to uphold are much more likely to do a great job.

Steve’s tree removal Brisbane South is a local professional business that cares about your trees.

Often a tree will become unsuitable for the area or location that it is in due to an increase in size, disease or changes to the surrounding environment. In this case it is important to correct the problem as soon as possible to prevent damage or injury to people or property.

It is very common to come across situations where the removal or preventative maintenance has been delayed until it is too late, and significant damage has occurred.

Common examples include:

  • Tree fallen on houses
  • Roots invading plumbing or swimming pools
  • Branches falling into common areas
  • Undetected termite colonies
  • Blocked gutters due to leaf litter

Previous incorrect pruning techniques can result in problems down the track and in some cases will result in having to have the tree removed.

Some examples of improper tree pruning or “lopping” include:

  • “Topping Trees” A practice where the crown is removed resulting in unstable growth
  • Incorrect pruning which allows rot to set in
  • Unchecked epicormic growth
  • Poor maintenance in general

Fallen branch

Steve’s tree and palm removal Brisbane South can correct these problems resulting in a safer and healthier tree.

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